Friday, December 13, 2019

We Made The Teacher Cry - A Snippet

I created a Shutterfly book of a kindergarten class making scarecrows. 

Before unveiling it, I wondered if, perhaps, they would know some of the characters in the story.  They certainly did know them, as their squeals and points and grins revealed.

At the end, the teacher was teary. 

Those are the happy kind of tears, I explained as she wiped them away.  We closed our eyes and listened to our feelings for a second or two, then opened them and looked at our friends.

Everyone had a smile, a big, gigantic, ginormous, I've never smiled this big ever in my life face on. 

We floated on that feeling as we paraded across the playground, gathering admirers as we entered the garden, restricting access to us and us alone.  We placed one in the nook of the mesquite tree, and one on the side of the orange tree.  We ate scallions for our Super Power (extreme bad breath) and described the taste as we strolled back to class.

We had all the good feelings today. 

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