Thursday, December 5, 2019


I listened to the lawyers teach a seminar on the Constitution, the framers, and impeachment.  I turned off the sound when the Republicans began to spew mud in all directions except the one most deserving - upstream.

I drove to Prince and found solace in the garden.

Our hanging baskets
and our scallions 
and our radishes

 are doing very well.
It's a treasure hunt beneath the foliage.
As always, there is fiendishness afoot.
Though this scholar is politely watering the plants while posing for this picture, further examination reveals what he'd been doing just moments before. 
Why he felt the need to make a mud crater is beyond me, yet he did. 
And his classmates were thrilled with the sucking sounds made by the rakes in the muck.
They smoothed and they dug and they giggled. 
They were - literally - a ray of sunshine on a muddy day.

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