Tuesday, December 31, 2019

And, Once Again

Yes, denizens, the fun has overtaken my responsibilities to you. 

It started at the zoo (getting 8 people to one place is an exercise in logistics I've not had to consider in decades)  where there were birds of unusual coloring
and shape
and an elephant as old as FlapJilly (who will be bigger, we wondered).
Giblet called every animal Buh Buh (their nickname for Thomas the Wonder Dog, who stayed at home with MOTG and Big Bob)
and wondered why they didn't respond to his call.

Dinner out at Culinary Dropout, where ping pong and cornhole and the photo booth kept us occupied while the grown ups ate and drank to their hearts' content.  When Giblet faded, the grandparental units took the little ones home, where, since she's older, FlapJilly got to stay up two and a half whole hours past my bedtime!

We made brownies and added ice cream and decided that I'm really treating up tonight! 

Is it any wonder the only time I could find to type to you is now, after my morning shower, before I go out and join the fun?

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