Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Shameless Self-Promotion

Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  Giving Tuesday.  It's enough to make a grown woman weep. 

I stayed home and bought nothing on Friday.  I'll see if there are deals on socks and underwear (my default gift giving options) today, on Monday, but mostly I'm looking forward to Giving Tuesday. As angry as I am with Mark Zuckerberg in specific and Facebook in general, this is a good thing. 

Facebook absorbs all the costs associated with the donations.  There are no annoying "leave us a tip" options from the processing firm.  There are just posts of the wonderful things my friends are up to.

The ones rescuing dogs and cats, the ones rescuing donkeys and min-horses, the ones educating the scholars I serve, they are all filling my heart with joy.  I joined the party last year, and raised enough money to buy shoelaces and classroom books for everyone.  I'm doing it again this year. 

Here's what I posted on Facebook.  If you're inclined to send something, I thank you in advance.  If you just want to read my carefully crafted Ask Letter, that's fine, too. 
Susan Annis Hileman's photo.
We're building a Lorax Garden at Prince Elementary School, because "unless you care, things won't change a bit!" and the scholars decided that every classroom should have its own copy of Dr. Seuss's classic. They've seen the movie, now they want to read the book.
The books cost $12 each; there are 28 bookshelves to be filled.
If we meet that goal, we'll buy $9.50 copies of Grace Byers's I Am Enough..
Any amount helps.... together little gifts reap big rewards. if you want to donate a specific book, a bookplate with your name and your message to the scholars will be created. 
And if you want to come and read aloud, that would be fine, too!

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