Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Holidaze - Random Thoughts

Lady Jane wants to know if she's a grinch.  She doesn't want poinsettias which she'll have to water.  She's not interested in the Stealth Elf-ing I've been asked to do in her home, for her son in Australia.  She's exhausted.  She's asked too much of her 86 year old self and she's taking more mid-morning naps as the holidaze overwhelm her.
The cashier at the Dollar Tree was taking forever.   I realized that she had to ring each item individually, even though the gentlemen in front of me were buying 25 of the same things over and over and over again.  She shrugged, I smiled, and the woman behind me and I fell into conversation. 

It's not Nordstrom; I want these items; I've already invested the time in the line; what will I do with the 5 minutes I save someplace else...... and from there, somehow, it morphed into bemoaning the sorry state of American discourse. 

We agreed that we were tired of all the yelling.  It doesn't seem to fit the spirit of the season.
I've got a chair and an ottoman covered with gifts, socks and underwear for the most part, with a smattering of books and treats, of course. 

I have to decide what to mail to Little Cuter and what to save for distribution when they come.  The kids need pj's and socks and underwear, so those can stay here and turn into Hanukkah gifts or Welcome to Gramma's House surprises.

I'm surprisingly stuck on a few absolutely ridiculous items - do I want to see her face when............. ??
I'm just about finished with the Brownie List and almost ready to start wrapping the presents.  The shopping is completed, except for finding the correct size kids' sunglasses for faces that are not within my measuring range. 
Because she has absolutely nothing else to do, I sent Little Cuter the Amazon Smile link and set her to the task.
Does it seem heartless and inappropriate to dislodge the pack rats from their home in the wash between our house and JannyLou's? 

I don't want them around anymore, but there's the whole "no room at the inn" thing rattling around in my head.
And, finally, the Baby, It's Cold Outside, Arizona Edition:
"Better put on more clothes, it's chilly outside..... they just said it's 61 and breezy."


  1. Oh PLEASE do tell how one dislodges a colony of burrowing rodents. Something is tunneling around the base of our large decorative rock. I fill in the tunnel, they move two feet away. Salting the tunnel with cayenne and chili flakes just seems too cruel. How do you plan to send yours packing?

    1. You call Mr. Pack Rat (seriously, that's the company. The first visit (Do I have them? Can you fix it?) is free; the estimates are real and reasonable; the workers are delightful, and you can participate as much or as little as you'd like.

      We stayed inside with the blinds drawn.


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