Friday, July 19, 2019

The Best Day Ever

That's what FlapJilly said about yesterday.  Who am I to disagree?

There's a big difference between a kid going to pre-school and a kid ready for kindergarten.  The former is delightful, ready to be influenced, charmingly naive.  The latter knows what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, and is willing to explain her reasoning.  She can be convinced to change her plan, but the reasons had better be compelling.

Plans.  My girls love plans.  With a plan there is certainty and the absence of surprise.  You can ask questions and receive answers that calm the anxiety that comes with spending a day in a new way.  Though she knew she was in charge of the activities - Whatever you want to do, sweetie, we're on it - she required reassurance.  It's easy to love being with Gramma and Grampa when you know what's going on.

So we had breakfast around the corner at our favorite eggs and bacon place then came home to play in the yard.  I was given a tour of the plantings and the hardscape and the wild and wonderful world that is the vegetable garden.  Buying four when two would have been plenty, not considering what would shade another, overwhelmed by the broad leaves of the squash blossoms and the purple cabbage trying to find the sun, there's room for a small person to get inside the gate and harvest the produce.  A grown up would be in trouble, struggling to find a place to put more than one foot down at a time.  It's going to be interesting when more than the tiny tomatoes begin to bear fruit.

We took the American flags from the flowerpots and marched to our own drummer, chanting A-MER-I-CA to a variety of beats and notes.  Grampa explained the meaning of the stars and the stripes and the colors on the flag, but we waved them with abandon, not considering the importance of the individual elements.  I followed dutifully behind, well aware that FlapJilly was keeping an eye on my performance.  Knees high, flag cocked over one shoulder while the other arm swung forward and back.

Without pausing for a breath, we chased birds and ran from kisses and drove her pink Mustang in ever widening circles.  We told stories and examined Mommy's hydrangeas and admired the first flower on the Ketchup and Mustard rose (the unfurled petals are yellow, the opened bloom is pure red).  Gramma was exhausted, but the kid was unstoppable.  We were both hungry.

We collected Grampa and drove to Sassy's for burgers and fries.  Sassy's was closed, but it was Tuesday not Monday when they are usually closed.  Tony Sacco pizza was a few doors down, and that was fine, but we were sad to learn that Sassy's is out of business.  Sigh..... the food was outstanding and the chalkboard kept the kid amused while the grownups chatted.  It's a real loss for this community and for my stomach.

Dropping Grampa off at home, FlapJilly and I continued our adventures.  Sky Zone has trampolines of all sizes.  It also has a foam pit.  Theoretically, you're supposed to crawl through the squares and touch the wall at the other end.  FlapJilly was content to jump from the trampoline into the pile, once she had me positioned in the exact spot she determined was mine.

I was happy to oblige.  I thought I owed it to her.  Before leaving the house we located the special socks Sky Zone requires.  We took the ones that looked like hers,  only to discover that, though they were the right color, they were Daddy's.  I can make it work, she said, and she did... stopping to pull them up to her toes and down to her ankles in between stations.  We paid for an hour, but 40 minutes was quite enough, thank you.

We headed to Whole Food, picking out stuff for dinner, then drove to Notre Dame to pick up Mommy.  FlapJilly's been there before; she has lots of acquaintances who greeted her with joy.  My big girl is no longer too shy to reply; her Hello's were quiet but heartfelt.  With only one wrong turn we ended up at Mommy's cubby.  Somebody got to work as someone else cleaned up and got ready to leave, and then leave we did.

Picking up the baby, driving home, feeding the kiddos then ourselves, and suddenly it was 9pm.  American Ninja Warrior amused us for an hour, then deep conversation diverted us for another hour.

Did I mention that I'd had a big day?  Remember yesterday, when I was too exhausted to proofread?  Today will be a better experience, though.  We keep Giblet home today, and he naps.

So do I.

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