Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A Prince and Princess Birthday Party

When your children's birthdays are 16 days apart, there's really no reason to have two separate parties.  The Cuters shared parties until he wanted a football party and she wanted a sleep over.  Little Cuter followed what she learned as a kid, and hosted a dual Prince and Princess Celebration for her children on Saturday afternoon.
The National Weather Service kept warning us about Excessive Heat. The party was to be held outside.  We worried.  SIR placed fans strategically around the deck.  Big Bob brought his canopy to cover the picnic table area.
 There were coolers with Prince and Princess Approved drinks and a large quantity of SIR's patented sangria.
Last year, I drank it and spent the afternoon on the couch, lazily and drunkenly holding my two week old grandson.  This year, it was so hot that I sweated it out before my liver could process it.  I was able to chat with the company and help with the cake, but I kinda sorta missed the buzz.

Little Cuter and SIR are experts at hosting this kind of event.  They pulled out all the stops.  There was a Slip 'n Slide
and a swimming pool
and enough cousins to keep Giblet amused.
There was a bounce house and a water table and kid picnic benches.  There was an 8' unicorn sprinkler and Brother, the magician.
FlapJilly had no idea that her uncle was so talented.  He put a wad of paper in his mouth and pulled out a long string.
He showed the kids how to make trees out of rolled up newspaper
and had them wave them to Happy Birthday when the cake came out.
Giblet had a smash cake
and then, recognizing that running around was necessary to burn off all that sugar, SIR brought out a bucket of water balloons
Saying goodbye was hard
but the pain of leaving was leavened by the opening of presents while wearing her princess attire.
All in all, it was a Onederful day

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