Thursday, July 25, 2019

On Mueller - Random Thoughts

The man is taciturn.  That didn't make for great viewing, but it made me smile.

He was exactly the same man who held my hand as he explained the DOJ's strategy in sentencing my shooter.  He stuck to the facts.  He made certain that he understood what we were asking before he proffered an answer.  When he smiled, the whole room joined him.  When he spoke, the room listened intently.
The Democrats were certainly well prepared.  Their questions came with visual aids.

The Republicans spoke fast and furiously, and they had nothing for me to read while they were talking.
There was a lot of reference to the absence of documentary evidence.

No one asked if the parties involved delivered all the information that would have made the Report more complete.
When Sen. Jackie Speier gave him a minute and thirty-nine seconds to tell the American people what you want them to take away from this report, Mr. Mueller didn't need all 99 seconds to admonish those in power to use that power to keep us safe.

He's focused on the interference with our elections.  It would be nice to see someone in power do the same.
You don't have the power to exonerate anyone.  There is no Office of Exoneration, is there?

Republican snarkiness did not advance the conversation.  Of course, Mr. Mueller does say in the Report that if he could have exonerated the President he would have done so.  The fact that he did not speaks loudly, at least to me.
The second half was better than the first.  It was obvious that Mr. Mueller was sounding a warning, a warning that Adam Schiff led him through.  Clearly, concisely, step by step we heard the Special Prosecutor agree that the President's behavior was unethical, problematic, and, he interjected, a crime.

That's serious stuff right there.
Was America watching?  TBG's spin class political nerds were cycling instead of watching - on purpose, they said.  If they weren't in front of the tv, then who was?

I know that my boys and I saw it.  Did you?  Did it change your opinion?  I don't imagine that it did.
There's a new drinking game, created on my couch last night as we watched the What Will They Say and How Will They Say It lead up to the testimony.  Every time someone says most Americans have not read the Report you get to raise your hand high and say Ashleigh Burroughs did !! while imbibing your favorite beverage.

We've been doing it in our house this morning, with Kirkland Sparkling Water and orange juice as chasers.  If it goes on into the evening, when harder liquids are more appropriate, I'll probably be glad that I finished this post before noon.
I went out and about, had a lovely day, and came home to watch Nancy Pelosi once again not ask for impeachment.  Schiff and Nadler said that we will be judged by our response to this.  Elijah Cummings invoked generations yet unborn.  I get that there's a lawsuit and that there is more testimony to be uncovered, but it seems to me that no matter ow much evidence is gathered very few people will be changing their minds.

They are so busy keeping their jobs they're forgetting to do their jobs.

It would be nice if it would stop here.


  1. God Bless an American Patriot.

  2. I think, as with most of the stuff today, however you went into it is how you came out. I am not sure how many Americans still listen with an open mind, but most look for what consolidates their position.

  3. Since I learned from you that the report was available at the library I'm also now in the minority of people who've read it. And it's scary! I think your 2nd to last sentence says it all.

    1. I stole that from Aaron Sorkin's The American President. The Report (now I know 2 people who've read it - you and me!!) is terrifying, and it's worse bc no one reads it and no one acts on it.


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