Monday, July 15, 2019

A Travel Day

Allegiant changed the time that the plane to South Bend leaves Mesa.  Instead of getting up at 3am to make a 6:35am departure (it's a two hour drive/park/walk from Tucson) we can now sleep in, go to the gym, have a leisurely breakfast, and leave the house mid-morning for a daylight trip to the airport.

That makes TBG, the self-appointed designated driver, very happy.

Of course, since that plane lands in South Bend, unloads and reloads and returns to Mesa, coming home means driving in the dark.  There are no children at the end of that segment of the journey, which will take place after a day of fun and laughter with the grandkids and 3 hours breathing recycled airplane air.  TBG was not amused.

Enter Marriott Reward to the rescue.  We've collected points on our credit card and through the time share we never use and can't seem to get rid of.  There's a Courtyard by Marriott around the corner from the airport.  For $10, plus one night's stay, we can leave our car for 10 days.

The airport charges $11 per day, the remote parking a few bucks less.  It turns out that staying overnight and driving in the daylight is the least expensive option we have. 

Whether I can get him to actually check into the hotel and sleep in a strange bed when his own house is just 100 some miles down the road remains to be seen.

I will keep you posted. 

For now, imagine me traveling to see the two most wonderful small people I know.  I'm not concerned about the humidity or the mosquitoes or anything at all.  I'm just about as excited as a human can be.


  1. Good luck with the overnight at Sky Harbor. For us, and our poor night vision, it would be a no brainer. Sleep, drive when the sun is up. Have a great trip and enjoy the kids.

    1. It's Mesa/Gateway not Sky Harbor. Allegiant uses the little airports, and TBG and I avoid the big airports whenever possible.


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