Thursday, July 11, 2019

It Matters

Are you overwhelmed by the whole Jeffrey Epstein mess?  Do you wonder who did what - not in terms of his awful behavior, but relating to the conflicting stories the lawyers are spewing?  I can simplify it for you - They Never Told The Victims.

TBG and I have been stewing ever since the news came out.  Can you imagine if they hadn't involved us? came out of one of our mouths every hour or so, whether we had the news on or not. 

The Federal Prosecutors all the way up to Eric Holder, the County Attorney, the FBI Victim Services advocates and their Pima County counterparts all kept in touch.  Over the course of the case, they called, they emailed, they forwarded documents.  They always began the same way :  How are you two doing?

They cared.  They had our best interests at heart.  They represented us.  We never doubted any of them for a moment. 

I find it impossible to put myself in Epstein's victims' shoes.  I tried, but the terror was overwhelming. 

We had the comfort of knowing that the system was as outraged as we were, that they were committed to an outcome that kept us safe and that recognized our losses.  Without that, I don't know that I'd be able to go out my front door.

That a Trumpian is rewriting history is no surprise to me.  That U S Attorney Alex Acosta made a clandestine deal with the devil while consciously excluding the victims is low, even for these guys. 

I know.



    Acosta is a lying liar. Krisher is the former Palm Beach County State Attorney, who has called out Acosta for what he did. There was another indictment written, but it was abandoned after a breakfast meeting between Acosta and Epstein's lawyers. This was a coverup of the first water. There is no justice here.

    1. I loved his tweet - Acosta cannot rewrite history.
      I am so so so tired of all this nonsense. Are there NO ethical people willing to work for Trump?????


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