Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Kodiak French Toast (Kinda Sorta)

SIR makes the best pancakes.  Just ask FlapJilly.  
In addition to a liberal dose of Daddy Love, Little Cuter says the secret is Kodiak is inside this box:
It's on the shelf at Costco.  It came home with me on Monday; I opened it tonight
It looks beautiful, doesn't it? 
It's light and richly textured, between fine and ultra-fine, and has a lovely, tawny tint.  
I had all the ingredients required for Kodiak French Toast.
I also had bacon and eggs, just in case.

I covered the strawberries with flour 
and made pancakes which I cut into cubes and put into an egg and milk and cinnamon bath.  
I baked it for half an hour, then made my back up dinner.
It didn't look terrible when I served it. 
Upon reflection, we were glad there was a Just In Case back up.

I think I can tweak the recipe.  I have high hopes for the basic concept. The texture was fine; the crunchy parts were delightful.  Perhaps it was the strawberries, a fairly flavorless batch.  I'm wondering about vanilla.  I might take the whole recipe to Penzey's and ask for suggestions.

In the meanwhile, I'll stick to what I'm good at and avoid what I'm not.
This, I think, is my first and last Food Blogger post.

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