Tuesday, July 23, 2019

More Adventures

Along with books and games and making a sign for the arrival of her Funcle, Big Cuter, there was another trip for frozen yogurt.

This time, Gramma missed the turn.  FlapJilly said that I ought to have listened to her when she told me to turn.  The kid has an uncanny sense of direction.  She notices when Daddy takes a shortcut and the landmarks she's used to are different, and she was certainly aware when I drove past the corner for Urban Swirl.  Luckily, there was a large, unused, paved soon-to-be driveway in which I could make a U-turn.  She was glad that the end result was chocolate fudge with a variety of Gummy Worms and peach loops and orange and green frogs. 

In case you were wondering, she's still Wonder Woman's biggest fan.
With multi-colored nails ready for her birthday party the next day, 
she tried to go to sleep at the regular bedtime.
Mommy caught her before she could meander down the stairs to ask for a back rub.
Thirty minutes later, her back properly massaged, all was quiet in the bedrooms.

The grownups settled down to watch the end of Fleabag's first season.
It was a trip into angst..... the exact opposite of where I had spent the day.

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