Friday, September 28, 2018

I Was Mesmerized- Random Thoughts on a Nomination Hearing

I rolled out of bed and onto Douglas (the couch) at 7am.  I made us breakfast during one of the breaks, opened a yogurt for lunch, but mostly I sat, mesmerized, in front of the television until I realized that it was over, it was after 4 o'clock, and I was still in my PJ's.
While I watched, I wondered, I squirmed, I reached out, I sighed.

I wondered if the Republicans were unhappy that their Female Assistant finished her questioning and then walked to the table to shake hands with Dr. Ford. 

I wondered how Kamala Harris's fingers managed to be as expressive as her words, those fingers opening and closing and pointing and have I mentioned that I was mesmerized?
I texted with my sister just after she had donated to Dr. Ford's GoFundMe. 

I heard from JannyLou, who was in D.C., meeting John Lewis.

Big Cuter checked in, wondering how he could use his privilege to ameliorate the problem. 
I watched an angry man call out Senators, interrupt Senators, refuse to answer questions, equate a hearing with an FBI investigation, and never once offer to take his all in, immediately attitude to get Mark Judge to answer questions.  He likes beer, and wondered what Senator Whitehouse drinks, wondered again, and then, again.  He asked Sen. Klobuchar if she had ever blacked out from drinking.

This was a job interview.  I'd have thrown him out of my office after five minutes.
It's possible that all of these women have, independently, decided to smear the character of this nominee.  It's possible that booting and ralphing have nothing to do with drinking and everything to do with Judge Kavanaugh's delicate constitution.  It's possible that church and working out and going to the movies with Susanne kept him so busy that he couldn't possibly have gotten drunk on a weeknight in the summer. 
It's possible that the product of a Catholic boys' school, valedictorian and varsity team captain, might feel entitled when it came to sex with a younger girl he barely knew.  It's possible that he would have enjoyed showing off for his friend, laughing uproariously as the friend jumped into the fun, tumbling them all to the floor. 
It's possible that a person with all this swirling around himself will soon have a seat on the highest court in the land. 

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