Friday, September 21, 2018

Random Thoughts On A Very Odd Day

The Cleveland Browns are charging down the field, impressing my boys.  This display of prowess is a rare and delightful occurrence.
I drove to an even that didn't happen, went to Costco and found the organizer in the pharmacy line.  We wondered whether I'd been notified of the change in plans; we agreed that it really didn't matter.  It was a pretty drive and life's too short to sweat the small stuff.
I came home with a trunk filled with basic supplies, having stared down the last roll of toilet paper in the house, willing it to procreate and failing miserably.  TBG and I carried and put away and in the middle of it all I realized that the heat was on. 

It was 75 degrees this morning, which by Tucson standards is cool, but by the afternoon we were nudging triple digits. Sensing my confusion, TBG pointed out the HVAC kid traipsing across the patio, reminding me that we were having our bi-annual check up and that it required turning on all the systems.   

True.  But the heat was on and I was in sandals and a sleeveless blouse.
Chuck Grassley the Younger is on my tv talking about the appropriateness of an FBI investigation.

Chuck Grassley the Elder is tweeting that there's no reason for the FBI to get involved in an investigation.
I can feel the women screaming.  Perhaps it's the outrage in my own head, unable to be contained by my skull, bursting out like Medusa's snakes.  #MeToo is all well and good, but the reality is that a woman spoke out about a sexual assault and now she and her family are unsafe in their own home. 

I haven't heard that the Kavanaugh's are receiving death threats.
It has been a very odd day.

Still, I was here to be annoyed by it.  So, by definition, it was also a good day. 


  1. I had my heater checked last week. Before the technician came the air conditioner was working overtime. I had to set the thermostat to 80 degrees so the furnace would stay on. The cats liked the temporary extra heat, but I DID NOT.

  2. Yes, Kavanaugh family also getting death threats. What a nice time in which to live. I guess also Feinstein's staff. And I go to FB where the women talk about how being an angry and nasty woman is a virtue. I am just plain too old as for me it's always been about being assertive, firm but nice... Not good anymore.

    It is a shame that Feinstein did not deal with it during their private times or even the hearing, but it is what it is. Now a guy has come up with a Kavanaugh lookalike classmate and possible home where maybe that guy was the one or maybe not. It is very upsetting to me that we are having something like this as if Kavanaugh's not the guy, it's damaged his life after all the years of good work. But maybe he was the guy. I wonder if it can be proven either way given it's harder to prove something didn't happen than that it did.

    Either way it has some women angry at all men (Hawaiian senator) and more talk of toxic masculinity which is a bummer for those of us with sons and especially grandsons. I hope there will be a definitive conclusion but not sure it will happen. IF it was another guy, he would not want to come forward as Maryland does not have a statute of limitation on sex crimes...


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