Friday, September 7, 2018

I'm Almost Optimistic

I was watching when Cory Booker realized that he was being threatened.  His body reacted before his face did; he was upright and focused as he stared Senator Cornyn down.  Bring it.  Bring it on.

Then Mazie Hirono said she was in, too.  And she had some reasons that Alaska's Lisa Murkowski ought to look twice at Judge Kavanaugh, based on documents the Committee started out withholding and belatedly de-classified.

Kamala Harris just makes me smile.  She's so used to being a prosecutor, to staring down the defendant, to hinting at information, it was fun to watch her leave the nominee squirming and worming his way around not answering. 

John Kyl is my new Senator.  He was a friend of John McCain.  I'll send him an email reminding him that he's holding a maverick's seat and that, perhaps, he might want to have a maverick moment himself.

Yesterday, I visited Jeff Flake's office and called out the crassness of turning your back on a grieving father.  I sent him an email today, reminding him that he represented me and that I was not thrilled with a prospective defendant appointing his own judge.

For the first time in a long time, I'm enjoying watching my government at work.  The system seems to be functioning.... lurching.... finally.... and November elections are less than 60 days away.

I'm going to hold those thoughts over the weekend.  I'm tired of being tired of my elected officials.  I'm enjoying watching them work through the night.  I'm hopeful that they might get something right, for a change.

I'm almost optimistic.


  1. You beautifully shows yourself in your words and in your story. I always enjoyed reading your post.
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  2. I'll hang on your optimism. I haven't been watching, only getting glimpses through the NBC news and Rachel Maddow.


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