Monday, September 10, 2018

And Then There Was This

I'm back on a regular routine in the gym.  I'm noticing changes and so are others.  I look forward to it. These are all good things.

The fact that I cannot get up off the weight bench is not a good thing.  Bench presses are easier than fly's; I can use the bar to hoist myself up.  But lying flat on my back, my knees bent and feet on the bench because they don't reach the floor, I have trouble getting to sitting.

The best I can do is to roll to the side, press my palm to the end of the dumbbell, and swing my legs around.  It looks like I'm falling off.... which I am.  But I'm in control of the fall.

The 20-something spotting his friend on the bench beside me noticed my maneuver.  I recognized the look:  a good deed needs to be done and I'm the guy to do it.  Big Cuter wears that look; it warms the cockles of my heart. 

I finished my graceless ascent, smiled at my would-be rescuer, replaced my weight and walked on. 

He smiled at me as I passed.  I took out my ear bud and thanked him for noticing what might have been distress but wasn't.  Since I was shot, I have trouble with my hip.  That's the only way I can ....

His face was fabulous.  YOU. Got SHOT?  With a GUN?

Yes, a 9mm Glock.  Yes, Gabby and Christina-Taylor.  Yes, My bullet wound peeking around the strap of my tank top.

And then, his friend:  I had two heart attacks and three surgeries.  Before I was 21.  Now I'm going on a bike ride with him.  You do what you have to do.

We talked about tomorrow not being promised, about making the most of every day.  We introduced ourselves, shook hands, and I left.

It was a moment, denizens.  Surviving brings me connections I'd never make otherwise.  Another reason to feel grateful that the sun came up today, and I was here to see it.

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