Thursday, September 27, 2018

I've had a lot of false charges brought against me.
I've been a famous person for a long time.
I've had a lot of false charges brought against me.
People want money, fame, whatever.  
That's what our President had to say about the allegations against his Supreme Court nominee. 
 I'm wondering if Dr. Ford's whatever is what he had in mind.  

It's a very dangerous period in our country
That's what our President had to say about #MeToo.  
I don't think he's talking about the women who are being harassed.  

Y'know what we're looking for?  Role Models.
That's what someone said on MSNBC.   
Do we have to spell it out?  
Shouldn't that be the basic pre-requisite for government service?

......shoved a woman up against a wall aggressively and sexually
......there were at least four witnesses, including my daughter
....the victim called my daughter last night; they decided to remain anonymous
That's from the anonymous fourth accuser.  
Aggressively and sexually are not terms I use interchangeably. 
I love the fact that her mother couldn't keep her mouth shut.  I can hear her brain cracking - she knows they ought to speak out, she knows how it will wreck their lives, they are adults and should be able to decide for themselves, and finally, This Cannot Be Allowed To Stand! 

I'm setting my alarm for 7am.
This is better than House of Cards.


  1. I won't be watching at all. Reality TV to me but appealing to many I suspect. I bet however someone went to it will be what they believe-- this is too hot button an issue for how it'll impact the court.

    The thing is how do you determine if someone is lying when you don't know them. I read this morning that two guys have come to the senate committee to say they believe it was them that night with Ford.

    The more I read about it (all of it) the more unclean I feel. I think it's so partisan. I have yet to hear one person, who didn't want Kavanaugh for issues reasons, say they believe his story. Since what I think about what happened won't change a thing, I'll be finding something else to do and read about it later (which will be bad enough). I hope that people who do tune in are reading and viewing both sides as a way to at least try to be fair.

    You know if he did half of what they are accusing him of, he's a fool and should have been smart enough to never go for a Justice position knowing what was out there. IF that's the case, he's a sociopath at the least and maybe worse. Right now, I don't know either way-- and he wasn't my pick either. I just think it's a shame how our media has milked it for every salacious detail like they did with the porn queen. We have sunk to new lows and constantly serious issues are being raised and ignored because they aren't sexy enough.

    I think (but don't know) and have thought so from early on, that something happened to her and at some point she decided it was Kavanaugh, not the guy who resembled him (and today is a middle school teacher). I also came up with how some of it could have been how differently we see traumatic events. She could be telling the truth and just wrong that it was Kavanaugh. If it was another guy, he could have thought it was a seduction until she screamed. I have no idea which is the case. I hope justice is done as I think it was finally with Bill Cosby but so often it's not.

  2. Is he a fool or an entitled rich kid? I do not believe that Dr. Ford is part of an orchestrated political hit list, nor that she is reacting to the 2016 election.

    Anything is possible. I just don't believe anyone would put herself through this unless it were true. That two other women have also spoken out (one who was outed by reporting), that his yearbook and calendar are replete with drinking references, that he is rude to elected officials - it all speaks to his character. These are things I know are true because I saw them today. You're right, of course - unless we were in the room, who knows. But three different women?

  3. One of those women was so drunk, she wasn't sure it was him until she spent 6 days with Farrow and lawyers. Even calling around, she could not get it confirmed that it was him.

    The third talking about rape trains, claimed, as a college student, she went to 10 high school parties she knew it happened before she said it happened to her. Seriously, she didn't report it and she kept going to such parties. What was wrong with her is what I'd want to know?

    I still don't know what happened with Ford but there are some weird aspects to her story too-- like going upstairs to use a bathroom in a house she supposedly didn't know but where there was bound to be one downstairs. Just weird but not impossible. I thought, in reading about it afterward that the female prosecutor did not ask questions I would have thought basic (but then I didn't watch so maybe she did). One that I'd have wanted to know is how well did she know Kavanaugh? If she knew him at a distance but not as a friend, she could have mistaken him that night for his doppleganger. She said she only had one beer. Some people can’t drink much. Did one beer usually impact her? She said she'd been at the country club pool for diving practice. so she went to the party with a wet swimsuit under her clothes? Sounds uncomfortable but not impossible. Most though that use a public pool, change back into day clothes afterward but it was summer. I wondered also who invited her to the party? Did the prosecutor ask her about any of that?

    Nevertheless, I don't disbelieve her. I just don't know. As for how Kavanaugh behaved, I saw some of that and he was angry at what had been done to his life. In his statement, he said all he valued and loved-- coaching, teaching, even his family-- had been destroyed by this. He’s right and it won't go away whether he was guilty and deserved it or innocent and because of his political stances, Democrats waited to bring out the accusation until they could do it publicly and hope to keep that seat open for two years.

    I don’t know that Ford’s political views were even a factor in her writing the original letter but something happened to her that night that badly impacted her life. Fear has become a big part of her reality-- going by what she’s said. I can see plenty of reasons why activists (again, doesn’t mean her) would do whatever it took, which is why democrats outted her. If they had used her letter as she originally asked, this could have been investigated and kept her out of it. The media don’t want that though. I heard one woman from Wyoming say she was constantly called during the summer and even right before this hearing by media wanting to know what she knew of Kavanaugh because she was in school at Yale when he was and in his pod. They did not want to hear he was a good guy but only that he wasn't. So much today is partisan.

    I'd be interested in knowing if the public hearing yesterday changed anybody's mind. I figured how someone went into it would be how they'd see it.

    1. I know that an encounter in an elevator changed Jeff Flake.

  4. Maybe but in the end, it's probably a good thing to do the FBI thing. I think they can investigate whether the ones saying they weren't at such a party with Kavanaugh do remember one with someone else, that could be significant. The yearbook stuff he had could be looked into whether his 'innocent' explanations fit with what others at that school considered them to mean. Also they might be able to nail down the home since Ford said it was close to the country club. Which friends had homes nearby. If kavanaugh has been leading a double life and lied in all of this he deserves to lose the seat and maybe a lot more since it's likely he also lied to his wife. But if he's innocent, the FBI will give more weight to those who think he is but I doubt it'll change minds on the other side. This is so very tribal now and those who see him as a rapist will probably think the FBI was wrong.


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