Monday, October 1, 2018

Are You Registered To Vote?

That's what I asked the 20-something behind the counter, after I placed my order.  With a big smile, she nodded and said YES!

I leaned over and asked the girl beside her.  She, too, was registered.  The boy to their left just wasn't sure if he'd ever registered, or why he would bother.  I went into my "All those girls you don't get 
pregnant?  That's because birth control is legal, now.  I bet you care about that, right?" spiel, and he laughed and agreed that he did. 

His colleague was flummoxed.  What did voting have to do with that?  And anyway, didn't we just have an election?  Is there one in this state?  Why?  The President is in for 4 years, and it hasn't been 4 years... has it?

I smiled.  I nodded.  I tried not to think about what she hadn't been taught in school. 

I explained about the House and the Senate and why they might be important in the overall scheme of things.  I wondered if they would be interested in paying a little bit more to have well-paved roads.  Did they think that our public schools deserved a little love and attention?  This was their chance to have their opinions counted; how often did that happen?

During our conversation, another customer entered the lobby.  When I paused for breath, he chimed in.  Governor Ducey did not fare well in his estimation, nor did those who chose not to exercise their right to vote.  The kids were caught up in it, too.  By the time I collected my order, I'd promised to bring them information on how and where and what.  As I left, one called out.  "Thank you for your passion about this."

A trip to the League of Women Voters is in my future.  These kids have yet to experience my passion.


  1. Thanks for speaking to them. It amazes me that people do not understand the importance of voting. If you don't vote then you don't get to complain about it.

    1. That's what I'm telling them when I drop off the info today!

  2. Thank you for your passion in everything.


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