Thursday, September 20, 2018

Listening to Anita Hill - A Snippet
Do you remember these?  
The Sport Walkman was self-contained, had 5 radio pre-set buttons, and stayed in place as I jogged and power walked along the Chicago lakefront.  

It was on my head on that October afternoon, as Anita Hill testified.
I was watching Big Cuter play flag football, wearing a parka, gloves, and a scarf because, y'know, it was October in Chicago and they were, of course, playing on the field closest to the lake, the coldest, windiest place in town.  

I don't remember if it was a practice or a game.
I don't remember much beyond the grey skies and my outrage.
What is she saying? the other moms asked.
And so, watching little boys running somewhat aimlessly toward a distant goal, I said words like Long Dong Silver and pubic hair.

I feel as dirty now as I did then.

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  1. And they wonder why Dr. Ford is reluctant to testify in front of all those old men, some the same as before.


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