Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Snippet Or Five

The President of the United States is declassifying documents which will put at risk those engaged in keeping us safe.

Drunken teenage partying is delaying the confirmation of that President's nominee to the Supreme Court, a nominee called a fine person by that President, who also thought that there were some fine people on the alt-right side in Charlottesville, too. 

Wilmington, North Carolina is completely cut off, and those who stayed have run out their cell phone batteries and have no way to recharge them.  Terrifyingly, they have resorted to board games for amusement.

Dr. K and Not-Kathy arrived yesterday.  Thirty hours later, they've stripped their living room wall to the studs, with only one broken thumb nail on the casualty list.  We sent them home after dinner with beer and brownies, reassuring her that 9 o'clock was not too early to go to sleep.

And so, I leave you with this question from TBG last weekend:
One can hunker down.
Can one hunker up?  

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