Monday, April 2, 2018

Field Day at Prince

It was at Field Day that I was crowned Official Adopted Grandmother of Prince Elementary School.  The kids who heard that are in high school now; the ones who call me Granny as they hug me now weren't born when I was perforated.  All they know is that I was shot in the butt.  It's one of their favorite things about me.  After all, how often can you say butt with impunity?

And so, last Thursday, as the school band
welcomed the student body, high school and parent volunteers, teachers and staff to Field Day,
I used those bullet wounds to explain why I couldn't jump rope with them.

 I couldn't jump, but I could coach.

Put the rope behind your heels.... your feet in front of the rope.... not on the rope.......

Hold your arms straight down then SWING them backward.and up and... oops it caught in your braids.....on your shoulder.... on your ear.

 One foot, no feet, two feet on the rope .... then, amazingly, You Did It!!

Then, quickly, do it again, so you don't forget how.

And now we're counting how many you can do in a row. 
Some took a little encouragement before trying.  But, slowly, cautiously, 
you are up-and-over! 

All the friends clapped with joy.

There were scooters

and sit ups
and balancing eggs on spoons

with mixed results.
Field hockey with fluffy tennis balls was harder than it looked. 

A young scholar broke her arm.
She was not allowed to play, which was a bummer until she took my phone and began capturing her classmates in action. 

  I think she did a pretty good job, don't you?


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