Friday, March 30, 2018

May I Rant?

I was out all day today.  I ran errands up and down Oracle Road, aka State Route 77.  I started at 10ish and I got home at 6.  I was out and about during lunch time and after work and get-me-home-in-time-for-dinner drive times.  I need to spew the venom which has been building up all day.  Thanks for listening:

The same fools were on the roads all day.  Not a one of them paid any attention to the unwritten Rules of the Road, the ones that the DMV doesn't publish but that anyone who has ever driven a car in a responsible manner understands.  Let me list a few:

  • The left lane is not for sight-seeing.
  • Turn signals are useful devices, installed in your car because I cannot read you mind.
  • The speed limit is not a suggestion.  Zooming from the right lane to the left lane with your bass turned up does draw attention to you, but not in a good way.
  • Leaving 20 car lengths between you and the car in front of you is unnecessary.  
    • If you like to have that much space available, use the right lane.
    • Doing this because you see a red light half a mile ahead is obnoxious.  
    • Doing this in a way that prevents me from accessing the designated turn lane is designed to aggravate me.
  • We are a "hands free" county - dialing your cell phone while drifting into my lane is not a great idea.
  • When your road merges with mine, that doesn't mean that my lane evaporates.  I'm still in it, in my car, moving forward with alacrity.  There might be cars to my left as you decide to join me  from the right.  Looking first might be a good idea.
It was a long long long long day.  It's the snowbirds and Spring Break visitors clogging my roadways.  They are good for our economy.  I wish they would all go home.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Well, we'll be out of here but not until May lol. That's when haying season starts and while a lot of jobs can be done by others, not that one. I also notice how much more traffic there is as normally we aren't here Jan-April as we rent the house then. This year we decided to do home repairs (didn't get all done we wanted) and take the months for ourselves. Definitely summer is my season to be here (except June, which is the worst month in Tucson), but can't this year but so many less people and love the storms :)

  2. Your annual rant was excellent, as always. My on going rant in the south end is the red light runners. The amount of carnage on the roads is just amazing. Stout heart, soon we'll all leave.

    1. And YOU , at least, will be missed :-)
      Re light runners are an increasing issue in town recently. You are right, it's carnage.


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