Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Comcast Cares at Prince

Say what you will about Comcast as a service provider, but don’t disrespect the charitable work the company supports.  Last Saturday, they came to Prince. They brought t-shirts for everyone.
They brought paint and brushes and cups to hold all the colors.
Some of us worked inside.
Comcast brought a videographer to record our work for posterity.
The teachers brought their families and friends.
Outside, Comcast used the rollers-on-a-stick to paint the high up spaces.
The playground was glistening under the sun as the paint dried.
With industrial cleaners and mops and wipes, the classrooms were gleaming.
It was hard work, and resting was part of the event.
Not everyone spends a free Saturday on their knees, in the sand, on someone else's playground.
Comcast did.

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