Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Visiting FlapJilly

We flew. We hugged. We ate. We hugged. We played. We hugged.

This is her house, with her family. The concept of extended family is being explored. Little Cuter calls me Mama and confusion ensues. Our relationships are dissected. Maga and Papa might be closer in distance but they aren’t her family, either.

Unless they are. Three year olds are nothing if not capricious.

She’s into “all the princesses” and Wonder Woman. Nick Junior and Disney have entered her consciousness.  Books are still her favorites, though watching videos on the iPad runs a very close second.

We built jails out of cardboard blocks and staged escapes. Her fingers are more delicate on the piano keys as she sings to her dolls, playing  tunes for them to dance to.  She doesn’t need any help.

My heart is full. Our days together are just beginning. Life is good, even if this post is late.

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