Monday, April 16, 2018

The Same 12 People - A Snippet

Or, perhaps in your town it's 15 or 7.  We are the volunteers, the ones who do.

We show up at the meetings, collect the signatures, make the phone calls, and chair the committees.  There's no fame or fortune attached; the work must be done so we show up and do it.

We run into each other all over town.  Of course you are here, I think to myself.  I'm here.

I was at a picnic with them this afternoon.  The event was open to the whole club; the Board outnumbered the members two-to-one. 

It's a good thing I like them all.  We've been doing this together for a decade or so, creating outings and luncheons and doing good deeds.  Our leader is retiring next year and so far no one has jumped up to fill in the gap.

We need a 13th person.


  1. I worry that we aren't training the younger generation to step into these roles.

    1. Little Cuter joined the League of Women Voters when she moved to Indiana. I am encouraged by the young women I see at lobbying events. But it’s s the small, ongoing, less glamorous roles that we fill...all 12 of us ....


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