Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Discussed at Cards Today - Truly Random Thoughts

Michael Avenatti is an attractive man.
Donald Trump would have been smart to hire him.
3 Billboards was a better movie than the fish story.
And inter-species sex is just unnecessary. (A view not universally shared)
Phantom Thread was just a bad, bad movie.
Plus, it was a story best left untold.  Ugh.
Lady Bird made us all nostalgic for our mothers.
Overnight train travel is lots of fun.
It's not that many hours from the station in Tucson to Los Angeles.
Mah Jongg and Hand-and-Foot and Bunco are chatty games.
Bridge is not.

And then my partner and I came back from a 3000 point deficit and won. I love the Happy Ladies Club.

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