Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Businesses Behaving Badly

Allegiant Airlines is the new corporate whipping boy.

I bet Mark Zuckerberg is grateful to them, just as I was grateful for the Arab Spring, which drew the reporters and cameras and investigative journalists out of Tucson after I got shot. There's no such thing as bad publicity might have met its match when the publicity includes 87 million mistakes.

I was bemused by reports that Zuckerberg wore a suit and didn't fidget.  Has the bar really sunk so low?  He said he was sorry a zillion times, but sorry doesn't cut it when my data is used against me.  I'm not deleting my account; I need to see FlapJilly's adventures and that is where they are displayed.  But I'm more thoughtful about clicking through to stories and I'm ignoring all the quizzes that come my way. 

Not that I did them anyway...... after I was told that I was 100% Catholic I began to doubt their reliability.  I know.... I know..... it took me a while.  But I got there, eventually. Don't judge.

Facebook's status as Scandal of the Week was awkward, but not life threatening.  Allegiant's high rates of oops! events is another story, entirely.  TBG and I are getting on one of their planes on Monday.  Suddenly, ooops! is more than a news story.

We've flown Allegiant many times.  The planes are old, and so are the lockers and compartments in the flight attendants' areas.  They have the names of other airlines embossed on the outside.  I've always thanked the second hand metal cabinetry for enabling the flight to be so inexpensive.  (The base price from Tucson to South Bend has been as low as $79.)  I show my Allegiant Air credit card and am rewarded with a free can of soda or juice; otherwise, they cost $2.  The snacks are there, for a fee, but the flights are short and food is unnecessary.  

They charge for reserving a seat and using the overhead bin and checking a bag.  The seats don't recline and there's not much leg room.  But it's only $2 more to put TBG and me in an exit row or the bulkhead versus a seat with less comfortable dimensions, so I pay up and we're comfy.  

The same flight attendants appear on our adventures; we know each other by name, now.  The Mesa and South Bend airports are small and manageable.  The planes land and take off on time.  None of the ones on which I've traveled has every fallen out of the sky.

Should I worry?  Will it make any difference?  The tickets have been purchased and we're going, perhaps with a bit more anxiety than we usually pack, at least on TBG's side.  

Me?  I'm wondering how happy the executives at Allegiant are now that Starbucks is in the crosshairs.  We do need our scandals, don't we.

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