Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Bolton Project

I'm watching Rachel Maddow explain the connection between John Bolton and Facebook and my voting habits.

Rachel tells me that if my data has been sold I'll find out via an email on Monday.  Meanwhile, I'm left to wonder.

I wonder about my Facebook news feed in the run-up to the Presidential election.  I saw more than I ever wanted to see about Hillary's emails, about Hillary fainting, about the Clinton Foundation and something I never quite understood about Hillary and uranium.

I wonder how I would have voted had her opponent been anyone but the repulsive Mr. Trump.  I was never a big fan, and the new feed gnawed around the edges of my determination to hold my nose and blacken the circle beside her name.

I wonder how many women who were less repulsed than I blackened another circle.

I do not like feeling this way about our electoral process.  No.  I do not.


  1. Everything about Hillary had long been out there. I think most of us who voted for her knew and FB wasn't even a factor. She deleted her own emails after all before the government could look at them with a subpoena. She changed her policy positions to beat Bernie and that was all her, leaving most of us to know we could not trust her to stay with something. Now we see her out there blaming women for letting their husbands tell them how to vote. She is a bitter woman and can't totally blame her but she chose to stay with a cheating man and she did it for power or love-- how would we ever know which. She also didn't listen to him in the campaign when he said she needed to go for the voters he'd gotten in the states she did lose with the electoral college. She values money more than ethics. BUT I voted for her anyway based on not so much the other guy being what he is but mostly on the issues I thought she would stay true to. Facebook is going to be the whipping boy but don't forget Obama used to to. It's all in whose ox is being gored. Yes, we have a corrupt system but it didn't begin with Trump. It begins with not getting the right people to run, not having solid policy positions that benefit our people (all of us not just the rich) and we end up with something like '16 where most of us, left or right, voted reluctantly for lesser of evils. I just hope dems come up with better than it looks right now for '20.

  2. Incidentally, I gave up on Rachel during the primary, lost all trust in MSNBC with its anger and vitriol and clear favoritism when they wanted Hillary and not Bernie. It's not so much that they lie but that they only cover what suits their agenda. They are Fox for the left.

  3. I voted for HRC because I like her, believe in her, trust her, agreed with her policy stands, and know that she was the victim of misogynistic haters. She was, and always has been, fully investigated. Men who feared her made sure of that. Facebook was full of negative "news" about her, but when I fact checked it, most of it was false or only partially true. That is what happens with Facebook, where everyone seems to have an agenda. Discerning the truth takes work.


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