Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This is the restaurant, next to the pet groomers, in the shopping center across from my gym.
It's 1.4 miles from my front door; an easy bike ride when I was so inclined.
Once, my chain fell off as I was climbing the long hill up to that corner.
I pushed my bike into OVB and they reattached it with a smile and no charge.
I had my first Tucson mammogram and Dexa scan in the suite of offices to the right of the Dance Studio.  An old Cali friend's high school friend owns the Family Swim School next door.  I checked it out when Little Cuter was pregnant with FlapJilly.  It's overrun with munchkins in diapers and bikinis and their frazzled parental units.  It's a smile on steroids. 
I'm not sure how Short Term Parking works for an event space,
but Stargaze seems to think it works for them.  The rest of the parking lot is huge and usually empty; I suppose they considered that when installing the sign.
And then there's this business, with the strangest name I've ever seen.
Is it imaginary fitness? 
I feel, therefore I am fit?
From the advertising, I think they try to combine body and soul while sweating... but I'm not sure. 
Why have I given you a tour of this shopping center?
While reading the Saturday paper I came across an article describing a rotating cadre of women being transported to a brothel posing as a massage parlor.  The women stayed for three weeks, then were replaced by new sex workers.  Police officers were indicted in the probe.  
The name sounded familiar.... and then I realized why.
There it is, right next to my cobbler.
I remember wondering if I should try it when I brought a pair of flats to be resoled.
I never did.

They, too, have a short term parking sign in front of their establishment.
Make of that what you will; I'm not going there this morning.

Did I mention that this shopping center is separated by an alley from the Sheriff's Department?

I wonder what else is hiding in plain sight in my neighborhood?


  1. Speaking of mammograms, HRF...I've been putting mine off for almost a year now & since I'm on HRT & < 40 & all, I should get on that, but who likes to put their privates in a vice? Not me...I'll add that to my list thanks to this reminder...sigh.

    "A smile on steroids"? You crack me up, lady!!! That sounds about right...

    And "Psychosomatic Fitness"??? That's a lot of lettering for one business. Makes you wonder how long/if it'll last...couldn't they come up with anything a little more succinct & efficient? Hmmm...

    And that last one...am I seeing the name right? Is it called "TU-NA" Asian Body Works? I'm doing my best to stay away from the puns in my head, but lmaoooo if it's indeed what it appears...omg. Those things are popping up all over in the Valley of the Sun, too. I' pretty sure I know which strip mall this is, because the same Sheriffs office is near a library branch and college if I'm not mistaken. I remember searching for a geocache on a hill close by a few years ago, praying to God I wouldn't see any rattlers. Funny the landmarks you remember & associate with...

    God, I LOVE your neighborhood....I LOVE Tucson & I loved this post. Fantastic! Thanks for the morning smiles...have a great day.

    1. Yup, TMA, that's the shopping center you're thinking of. The Stroll and Roll takes place across the street.

      Glad to give you an a.m. grin :-)

  2. A smile on steroids. Perfect description. I'm going to borrow that for reuse.


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