Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Blooms

There hasn't been a picture post of flora in The Burrow for a while.  
Here's a summer edition, for those who need a break from Olympics and politics.
I know that I needed one.
It's hard for me to imagine anything blooming in triple digits, but these roses put on another show.
The osteospurmum decided that the heat was perfect for its purple flowers.
The ones in the shade are doing nothing.  
This fellow, though, is blooming its heart out for me. 
The wild gomphreda is taking over the tended look of the big pots with its long stalks.
They blow in the wind, waving and bowing and coming back upright with the slightest breeze.
They are fun to watch, but their wild nature is in stark contrast to the more well-behaved vinca.
I planted them looking for height; I got more than I bargained for. 

That became quite clear when I stood back and looked at the smaller pot.
The gomphreda are taking over the pathway to the pool.
TBG is not amused, but I continue to giggle.
My successes are often quite overwhelming.

Finding the right plants to last through a Tucson summer in a small container basket sitting in full sun has been an ongoing project.  The lobelia and vinca did really well together 
until the irrigation to the basket decided to stop flowing.
Once I saw the drooping leaves and ran to its rescue with a full watering can, the vinca perked right up.  The lobelia will take a little more nurturing and pruning and the whole thing will get a dose of MaxSea natural fertilizer with an extra helping of Phosphorus (the P in the NPK on the fertilizer bag) to promote roots and fruits ... or flowers, in this case.  

There is very little forgiveness when gardening in the desert.

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