Thursday, August 11, 2016

Inciting Violence 101

Thomas Friedman told the Trump kids that they should be ashamed of their dad. I liked that.

It's the same logic that makes me want to spend 5 minutes alone with my shooter, holding him by his shoulders and shaking his silly little frame and yelling at him.  I think I'd feel much better after that.

I don't know if the 5 Trumpkins will feel that way after talking to The Donald about inciting to riot.... or about sticking to the script.
Did you see Mr. Trump on the campaign trail today?  Bombast without screeching is really boring.  Spare yourself the trouble of listening to him; just pick up any of his outrageous remarks and read them in a monotone while staring down at an imaginary podium, on which rests a speech you really don't want to give.

I think the man is truly hoist by his own petard.  Did you know that a petard is a bomb?  Bomb... bombast... am I reaching?
Yesterday's post (well, Tuesday's post, to be precise) engendered controversy and thoughtful comments.  That is my America.  Genuine disagreements spelled out and argued by passionate individuals with disparate views.... with guns, if they are owned, securely locked away because they are not needed.
At best, Mr. Trump's language was imprecise, in Anonymous's words.  "There is nothing you can do, folks" is a statement which assumes a knowledge of the Constitution and the President's role in the Judicial nominating process. That this was followed by boos and head shaking and shouting from the audience belies the notion that his reference to The 2nd Amendment people was a benign suggestion to mobilize political strength.

I think if he had wanted to suggest that unifying power at work, he would have said We or Conservatives or Our Movement.  But he said 2nd Amendment People, and that references guns (and not in a well-regulated militia, either) and that's outside what I think of as the political sphere.
And then, there's Yitzhak Rabin, slain by a Rabbinical student who was radicalized by conservative religious leaders who likened Rabin's peace overtures to the Nazi's extermination of the Jews.  He didn't hear the nuance, he heard the meta-message.

That's my fear.  Not that raging bands of angry, armed, white men will overtake the streets, but that one deranged individual will think he's doing a good deed when he shows up at a political event with assassination on his mind.

I've been there.  Done that.  Believe me, once was quite enough.
A high school friend sighed aloud while reading yesterday's post.  Her six year old grandson wondered why.  She told him that Trump had said something that upset my sweet friend very much. This is what he wrote to me: 
I want to punch Donald Trump in the weiner.

I'm reluctant to condone violence, but I don't want to quash a young knight's wish to ride into battle with my colors in his hand.
I spent the day thinking GRIN thoughts and making GRIN plans and tomorrow is the first day of school and you know I'll be there as you are reading this with your morning coffee, FAMBB, soaking up the love.  Pictures and joy tomorrow.  This day is done.


  1. Everyone needs to do what works for them. I've had to block friends who are writing posts filled with rage and fear. I guess we all need to do what is required. When I come to a heavily partisan blog-- and this is on either side, it goes to the bottom of my list and won't be reading again until the election is over. I hope then things get better. Not sure they will, but I don't want the negativity that is permeating the country. I get enough anxiety attacks without that.I am not mad at those speaking out so strongly. It's what they need to do. I am doing what I need to do. Unfortunately as a moderate, I find the ones that I have to give up come from both sides of the partisan divide. I hope we can all pick up our friendships in the future. I don't know though given how it's gone with Obama. I suspect whoever wins this election, the other side will stay enraged or fearful.

    1. I try to be honest in my words, partisan in my feelings, but respectful of those who, as Big Cuter says, "must be wrong because I am right." I enjoy your comments and I hope we are not too heavily partisan here in The Burrow. I am not delighted with either candidate, but one is much less terrifying, as you well know.

  2. Have a wonderful day tomorrow soaking in all the love and adventure children radiate.


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