Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pants, and the Wearing Thereof

I commented every time she posted a picture of her toddler daughter sauntering through the neighborhood, clad in a t-shirt and a diaper and pink cowboy boots:
Her replies were always a variation on the same theme:
Pants are vastly over-rated, especially when you are 2.
In Miss Adelaide's honor, perhaps, FlapJilly, my very favorite little poy-son, develop(ed) a bad, bad cold. She and her parents spent the weekend inside, having home repair adventures and playing with helium filled birthday balloons on looooong strings.

Apparently, my granddaughter spent the entire weekend wearing butterfly panties.... and nothing else.

Toddler Wisdom:  Pants are unnecessary accouterments and shall not be tolerated.
The talking and tweeting and posting people are all agog over the existence of nude photos of Mrs. Trump.  As I understand it, these were professional photos for a now defunct French men's magazine.  She's pretty naked in the pictures I could find on-line, and I'm sure Mamie Eisenhower is rolling in her permanent waved grave right now, but I don't think that attacking the candidate's wife is an effective assault on Donald Trump's run for the Presidency.
After all, Bill Clinton would have to be Hillary's response.
So, perhaps, we should all take a deep breath and a big dose of Toddler Wisdom:
No Pants.


  1. Our daughter would come home from nursery school and take off all of her clothes and lie on the couch, stark naked. Terry would come home and be aghast that I would allow this. Why not? We're home and if you can't run around naked at home, where can you run around naked? (Don't answer that) I figured she would outgrow this immodesty by the time she left for college.

    1. Don't leave me hanging! Did she outgrow it?!???

    2. She became a very modest girl and still is. What is funny, she and her husband are very strict about what Leeya can wear out in public so as not to show too much.

  2. All three of my kids went through a naked phase. My youngest (7) can get down to his boxers as fast as Ricky Bobby did in Talladega Nights. We joke that if he could get away with it, he would run around the house without even his underwear. We have put our foot down though and said when people are coming over, he has to put on clothes. If it's just us, I let my kids be themselves and comfortable.

    Regarding Drumpf's wife's photos, I could care less. She should be off limits--just like candidates kids. I think it's wrong. Pat Robertson though defending the pictures made me ill. He's such a freakin' hypocrite.

    The hypocrisy is actually what makes me angry; not the pictures. I could really care less about them. We've all done stupid sh*t when we were younger. Heck, some of us STILL do stupid sh*t.

    We need to focus on the crazy man running; not on frivolous stuff like nude pixs.

    Here's to running around in our underwear!

    Megan xxx


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