Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Sign of the Apocaplyse

What have we come to when this is on the shelf at Costco:
How can there be anything but organic water?
Or, perhaps, I am mis-parsing and the organic relates to the coconuts?

Still, how can water be anything but a beverage?
Or is it because it has coconut it qualifies as a beverage, where without the coconut it would be.... drinkable?

It's things like these that keep me questioning on a Saturday morning, waiting to pay for my lime flavored sparkling natural mineral water.... 
which, apparently, assumes I know enough about water to recognize it as a beverage.


  1. Hold braved Costco on a Saturday morning??? Now that's some COURAGE, HRF!

    That lime Perrier should pair quite nicely with the Open...cheers to you! ;)


    1. 11ish on Saturday, in gym clothes, and every cute 2 year old in Tucson!


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