Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Problem With James Patterson

is that his books are impossible to put down.  I started Bullseye this morning and finished it this evening, after Pilates and hosting the Happy Ladies Club for cards and eating a meal or three along the way.

Now, the heavens have exploded and the cable's gone out twice as lightning wreaks havoc with signals electronic and fiber optic.

I've been absorbed in a plot involving a political assassination, Vladimir Putin, and a walking tour of New York City.  Maybe that's why I lost all four hands this afternoon... and lost is a kind description of the drubbing I took.  My mind was with Michael Bennett and the various snipers dying by his side.

I'm sorry.  I have no thoughts other than wondering if I should take my camera outside and try to capture the lightning.  It was vertical and flashing on JannyLou's new driveway when I began to type and now it's right over our roof.  I'll be back tomorrow, with more than weather related drivel to consider.  

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