Friday, November 17, 2023


We've been hosting the girls for 36 hours.

We're exhausted.

There is a reason women age out of childbearing.  

I have always respected those older relatives who take in needy grandkids.  Right now, respect has blossomed into awe.

I'm going to sleep now.  My fingers are barely moving across the keyboard.  My brain has only feeding schedules and nap schedules and bottle warming instructions and stroller security and.........

Good night.


  1. I was always in awe of grandparents raising a grandchild. I adore my grandkids and loved having them stay for a bit, but was it ever good to be able to sleep in for a couple of days after they left for home!

  2. It's OK for Grandma to be tired. Cherish what you can.

  3. It sounds like mama is there with the wee one so that is good.

    I remember that Terry and I took our granddaughter home by ourselves when she was 18 months and had her here for 4 days before her parents arrived. I was so tired. But then a couple of years later the grandson showed up and I wasn't real well equipped to handle both of them, but we managed.

    I was glad when they could feed and clean themselves and now when they come, sans parents, they fend just fine for themselves without direct intervention. Just know that someday your wee one will be a teenager.

    1. I'm not rushing it. And her parents are now both here to pick up the slack.

  4. Oh, yes. See Monday's post for her latest adventure.

  5. Egad. You shall never say YAWN in
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