Monday, November 20, 2023

A Want Ad

As winter break approaches, college students begin to make plans for the summer.  

Mr. 20, now a junior at the University of Arizona, is one of them.  He's majoring in something related to health sciences and nutrition, the exact title of which escapes me.  It's the perfect area of study for a young man who has always treated his body as a temple.  He doesn't drink or do drugs or party; last Saturday night he sat in the sauna and then the cold plunge pool with Amster before going to the UofA basketball game.  There was no carousing on either end.

He traveled to Italy this summer with family and friends.  While others ate leisurely breakfasts, he was working out in the local gym.  

He's looking for an internship in the supplements, wellness, or exercise related fields.  He's been wise with his investments and his earnings; he could work for free (although I am not advocating that in the least).

We've exhausted our contacts.  I offered to reach out this way.

If you have any suggestions, an email to will be greeted with gratitude.

It takes a village.....

And because you were kind enough to read Mr. 20's request, I'm sharing a little bit of the intergenerational joy that's going on around here.

Life is good.  I'm so glad you are sharing it with me.


  1. Sorry, I have nothing to suggest, but all my best to Mr. 20, who sounds like a wonderful young man. And thanks for the photo.

    1. He's a great human being. So is TBG, who's basking in grandparenthood.


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