Thursday, November 16, 2023

Let The Babysitting Begin!

She was a trouper on the plane.  The roomier seat in business class made a big difference.  The cost to check two suitcases was just a little bit less than a seat in Business Class; she spent the extra $30 and didn't think twice.

Take-off and landing were bumpier than the little one expected, but her mommy giggled and set everything right in the world again.  They both napped a little.  They were both very glad to see Grandma at the airport.  

We spend most of our time interacting via video calls.  I wonder what her brain made of the fact that my face was actually right there, breathing the same air, touch-able and smell-able and ready for hugs (as soon as I sanitized my hands, of course).

We wrangled the stroller-cum-carseat, three loose bags, 2 giant wheeled suitcases, a blanket and a sweater and who knows what else to The UV, parked in the very first row but a loooong way down.  It was next to the sidewalk, so we weren't worried about being run down by one of Tucson's elderly errant drivers, most of whom decided to pick this afternoon to visit the hourly parking at the airport.

No, don't wait for this spot.  We're changing the baby and arguing with the carseat installation and then we have to load up all the gear.  It's going to take a while.

By the time we joined one another in the front seats, Queen T and I were beat.  And we were hungry.  Recognizing this as verging on the Danger, Will Robinson zone, we drove through In-and-Out before we hit the highway towards home.  

TBG was waiting in the garage as the door went up.  Yes, he was glad to see us.  He took Honey Bunny for a snuggle on the couch.  The car was unloaded, the pak-n-play moved to the windowless closet (rather than setting up the blackout curtains in what will be her room), and with not too much fuss and bother the youngest and the oldest took naps.

It's going to a wonderful visit.


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