Thursday, November 9, 2023

They Are Asking An Unanswerable Question

The polls were wrong.  Americans do like their freedoms.  We like to choose our own medical care options.  We like to choose our own vices.  We don't like having to ask the government's permission to enjoy those freedoms.  

The Republican Party, dominated as it is by the Lying Liar and his minions, is making a lot of noise on the other side of that argument.  The mainstream media presents their rantings and ravings as if the blather were worth hearing.  

The rock hiding all that hate and distrust and anti-democratic christo-fascist rhetoric was overturned when the Lying Liar announced his candidacy for President.  After that, the answer to the pollster's question - Is America headed in the right direction? - was decidedly no.

It stayed that way all through his Presidency.  I was despondent. When YouGov asked me that question it was easy to answer.  We were racing away from what I thought of as America.  

When they asked again as the MAGA rhetoric rose ascendent early in President Biden's term, I answered yes as a show of support for him.  I thought American was on a terrible path, but Joe Biden was doing what he could to turn the tide.  

I meant it to be spun as pro-Biden.  But someone who was certain that the MAGA agenda was finally triumphant might also have said yes. 

It's essentially a very bad question.  Yet I couldn't stop considering it.  How would I answer?  What did I really feel?  How bad is it?  Am I under- or over- estimating Americans' desire to keep our republic? 

But then Americans started voting.  Kansas and Ohio and Virginia and Kentucky championed reproductive freedom and access to marijuana.  Book banning Moms 4 Liberty school board candidates, including Justice Scalia's daughter, lost in overwhelming numbers.

Do I think America is going in the right direction, now?  

I could answer yes, with a clear conscience. 

But our ability to have rational conversations across the political divide is on the verge of extinction.  The new Speaker of the House holds some fairly frightening beliefs.  The Lying Liar is ahead in the Republican race to the White House, despite 91 indictments.  

We are as fractured as we were from Civil Rights to Viet Nam.  But George Wallace was never elected President and LBJ didn't run for re-election.  No one was contending that there were alternative facts.  Republican leadership showed Nixon the door, not the nomination.

So the question is really more about feelings than reality.  Before Tuesday's election results, I was leaning toward no.  I was losing faith in Americans

According to Jerome Powell, the United States economy has recorded the highest growth rates of all major economies, yet according to those polls most Americans think the economy is in terrible shape.  That makes me wonder about the intellectual capabilities of the voting public. Here in Arizona, the Superintendent of Education is running ads touting his voucher program, diverting funds from the public schools .... funds which the voters authorized .... and I seem to be the only one who's noticed or is upset about this blatant attempt to undermine public education because an educated public is a fascist's worst nightmare.

But then Tuesday happened.  I feel pretty good about America right now, if anybody's wondering.


  1. Yes, there is hope. Then I watched a half hour of the Repubs debate. One of them, or Trump? NO,NO,NO.

    1. As Rick Santorum said: when sexy issues like abortion and marijuana are on the ballot young people come out to vote.
      There's not one of them worth the air time they are getting.

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