Friday, November 3, 2023

The Last Strawberries of the Season

They were 2 for $7 in the closeout area of the fruit department this afternoon.  

There were many bruised berries in many plastic containers, but I managed to secure a container that was filled with rosy red specimens and no mold.  I washed them and started taking off the tops when I realized just how large the leaves are.

I had to stop and take a picture to share with you.  

Seriously, have you ever seen them this full of vigor?  The leaves are the engines of the plant, and these big boys are doing their job. I've gone through most of the rest of the container since I took this photo.  

I'm off to finish the rest.  Have a wonderful weekend, denizens.


  1. I spent many early summer days as a kid in the strawberry fields. I can attest to how big the leaves are as you push the cold, dew ridden leaves aside to find the berries. It was hard work working in the crop fields all summer.

    1. I've learned something new. Thank you from this suburban kid. Our backyard strawberries never gothat big. t


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