Wednesday, November 15, 2023

She's Coming

The high chair and full coverage bib are cleansed and ready to go.
Today, the rest of the supplies arrived.  
I turned into an early elf, sorting it all out.   There's so much more - diapers and a mattress pad for the Pak-N-Play my friend's teenage daughter slept in as a baby, sheets for that mattress and a dozen white muslin cloths because this kid slobbers.
There was an arts and crafts project, with directions only a dedicated grandmother would take the time to decode.  By some miracle, my non-geometrical mind figured out that there were tops and bottoms and rights and lefts.  The instructions were of minimal help.  
It may seem like a lot.  But they are going to be here for two months.  That's a lot more time than the vacation I referenced when a friend asked me, 30 plus years ago, if I had a good time:

It was all the work, without my changing table.


  1. Babes do come with a lot of stuff -- high maintenance these days.

  2. Oh Boy! or should I say Oh Girl? You are going to be in grandma heaven...

    Going back to your jury duty posts and the thing about being too old for jury duty any more...I was discussing that with Terry because there was a cartoon in the today's paper about having a cat in one's lap and using that as an excuse for missing jury duty (it fits with our household and some our excuses to not do something)...when he mentioned the age thing and that's the reason we haven't been called in so long.

    Terry said the courts can't call old people because they have too many doctor's appointment sand other medical farfaral to attend to to ever make it to jury duty! That's been a subject of contention around here lately. Too many medical stuffs.

  3. Yes, for three months, you need to prepare! It's so much better for everyone when you have the right stuff. Babies need stuff!


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