Thursday, November 30, 2023

Santos, The Lying Liar, and A Baby

The House is debating the expulsion of one of its members.  His name might be George Santos. It might be something else. 

The Federal Government has just issued 10 more charges against him.  All the lies,  dissembling, and trash talk seem to have finally caught up with him. 

It's taken a long time. 

The Lying Liar wants that same Federal Government to sue MSNBC for lying about him.  He wants their license to be revoked.  He thinks that trashing a law clerk, on the other hand, is protected speech.

Confusing? You are not alone.  I'm spending less time watching the news since the baby came to visit,  so the focal points shine a little more brightly.  The glare is burning my brain.

There's angst in the air, as a Government shut down looms large on the horizon.   

I'm lucky to have a wonderful distraction. 
How much of your lunch ended up on your cheeks?


  1. Oh, those eyes!
    My lunch is more apt to end up on my chest. :-/
    I read too much about the Lying Liar and now he s haunting me.

  2. Is your 'distraction' wearing a long sleeved bib? How ingenious.

  3. There is Karma, they did vote to expel that weasel. Color me stunned. She sure is a cutie!


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