Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Porcine Pecadillo

The death of the irrigation system in the heat of the summer was the end of the roses I've tended through the years.  There are stalky remnants of the beautiful bushes, but cutting them back reveals nothing that looks healthy.  I'll wait until January to cut them back further, and hope that there is some hope, but I'm not hopeful.

Rillito Nursery's annual rose sale tempted me with this lovely specimen.  It has big white blossoms and a luscious scent.  I potted it outside our bedroom window for maximum viewing potential. 
Apparently, it was also in maximum dining potential for LiLou.  She munched on the leaves.  I was surprised but not upset.  But then she took more drastic steps.
She bit off off a burgeoning blossom,
Something had to be done.  After an hour or so of wrestling with a variety of supplies from my potting shed,
Queen T and I managed to construct a protective barrier.
We are waiting for the porcine predator to venture outside to see if our efforts have been successful.  
I'll keep you posted.


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