Friday, August 4, 2023

When they started using the sketch from the courtroom artist to analyze Jack Smith's intent,  I had to flee the scene.  I'm losing my mind over the free air time the Republican frontrunner is getting.... once again.... while I rail against the moon.... because they obviously have not learned a thing since the last time.

(Look at me using they... and assuming you knew who I meant.... quite Trumpian, no?)


I get that it's important.  But hours of his motorcade(s) and his fancy plane sitting on the tarmac; then turning.... slowly; then flying off into the clouds, left me both nauseated and impressed.  I was sharing space with my sweetie, who readily admits his obsession with the whole thing.  I did crossword puzzles, worked on getting from Amazing to Genius status in Spelling Bee, as he followed, watched, and cogitated.

I don't need to make a tv star (once again) of a person who has been indicted for trying to steal my vote.  Rusty Bowers stood between the Republicans running the show and my ability to have my vote counted.  I'm taking this quite personally.

TBG needs the visual to help him focus.  I have you.  So, I'm going to rant.

Rusty Bowers reminds us that most people have more than one side.  It never crossed my mind to praise him.  Now he's my hero.  Read on.


People are surprised by the lead defense attorney's obsession with Freedom of Speech.  Why?  

It's a simple concept.  It feels basic to America.  It's an extension of the whole cancel culture kerfuffle.  He's a square jawed, dark haired, nice looking, white guy who looks right into the interviewer's eyes, with a small smile on his fairly vapid face.  

He speaks in clear sentences.  He's not confusing anybody.  He gives you something to say if it comes up in conversation.  And it makes sense; it sounds the weaponization of government bell; he must think it's true and he's in charge of the defense. He'd be putting out their best argument, right?

When he's confronted with the fact that the indictment reassures us that DJT has the same right to lie about the election as the next guy,

The Defendant had a right, like every American, to speak publicly about the election and even to claim, falsely ..... that he had won. 

he just repeats his spiel.  He refuses to engage anyone who asserts that's not what's going on here.  

Once again, the DJT plays to the lowest common denominator, assumes the worst about his audience, gives them no credit at all.  He assumes they will buy whatever he's selling.  But I continue to have faith.  


Rusty Bowers was a Trump acolyte until he was asked to commit a crime, asked by the President of the United States to contravene the Constitution.  This man shouts at the top of his lungs that which pains me to hear but when pushed he refused to be shoved.

I think the MAGA people are underestimating their audience.  If I can find a kind word for Rusty Bowers there must be room in their brains and their hearts to read 45 double spaced pages and see if maybe, just maybe, there might be something there.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it reads like a real life thriller.  The legalese is just an outline of what follows.

The Defendant’s conspiracy to impair, obstruct, and defeat the federal government function through dishonesty, fraud, and deceit .....

is expanded upon in the next paragraphs.  Everything but the prepositions is explained.  

Conspiracy. Impair. Obstruct. Defeat.  Dishonesty. Fraud. Deceit. 

Those words should not be associated with anyone anywhere near the Presidency.  And yet, most people who identify as Republican want to reelect the dishonest fraud who practiced deceit upon the United States of America -  after he took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

And I don't want to hear about Hunter Biden's struggles with addiction unless you want to hear about Ivanka's Chinese licenses and Jared's Saudi money funnel.  None of it is relevant to what's going on center stage right now.  

Finally, this is the United States Department of Justice, not Joe Biden, bringing this action after a Grand Jury found sufficient evidence to bind the defendant over for trial.

Unlike his predecessor, the current inhabitant of the Oval Office understands boundaries. The former guy doesn't need any help getting himself into trouble.

I feel much better now.  Thanks for listening.  


  1. Well said, the actions of the DOJ in holding a grand jury and getting two indictments on this career criminal don't have a damn thing to do with Mr Biden. Dump kept (and likely sold) classified material and tried to overthrow the government. he is a clear and present danger to democracy, period -Full Stop.

    1. And apparently, according to his lawyer, technically violating the Constitution is not a criminal act.

    2. The consensus on John Lauro's performance on the Sunday talk shows is that he didn't do himself or his client any favors. Methinks his time would have been better spent working on his response to Judge Chutkan's minute order directing him to be in court tomorrow at 5:00PM to outline his response to Jack Smith's protective order motion.

  2. Well, I have not been following closely, and I had to Google Rusty Bowers, but I celebrate anyone who has the courage of their convictions. And there are some other "convictions" I hope to celebrate too.


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