Thursday, August 17, 2023

Travel Daze

I have to agree with my aging body - early morning flights may be less expensive but the toll they take may not be worth the savings. 

We flew a tiny United airplane from Tucson to San Francisco that left Arizona at 6:45am. Being squished and tired while digesting an all too sweet glazed donut did not make for a pleasant morning.  The fact that my air vent could not be turned off nor aimed away from my face meant that napping was impossible - my hair kept blowing onto my eyelids. 

We walked forever from our gate to Big Cuter's car, trying to shake off the cramps and claustrophobia.  Smelling the California air and seeing our boy helped a lot. 

Driving through the city,  which hasn't changed very much since we left in 2006, was a trip down memory lane.  The traffic sucks.  The free concerts in Stern Grove are stellar (Patty Smith, Lyle Lovett, Buddy Guy).  The fog blocked our view of the ocean,  but Alcatraz was shining in the middle of the bay. 

Getting to their new home in Marin took us past most of our old haunts. Trips to Toys R Us, car dealerships, and restaurants kept me occupied until we pulled into the driveway.

Then there was HoneyBunny and Queen T and an afternoon at the Civic Center pond with LiLou and sandwiches - four hours of gentle breezes, sandwiches under the trees, strangers exclaiming over our porcine companion,  and the baby taking it all in.  

She's intense.  She's focused.  She's happy.  She's ours. 


  1. Awww, they moved out of the city. You should really feel at home now, back to your old stomping grounds.

    1. They have twice the space for 15% more cash. And every trip anywhere leaves me swimming in memory

  2. Hugging time, maybe even for the pig. :-)


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