Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Gotta Get Somebody Indicted

The political scene is lunacy right now.  Most of the population disagrees with most of what the Supreme Court and the Republican Party is trying to do, yet they keep doing it.  There have been so many censures and impeachments and obscenities that I've given up trying to keep track.  

The Democrats have watched and waited and counted on me to be outraged, without making a big push to urge me on.  They haven't learned any lessons from MAGAworld - emotional appeals work.  The reproductive rights fight tapped into that in a big way without any prompting.  

But polls don't show much distance between the lying liar and President Biden, and Joe's not getting any younger (his biggest flaw in the polls).  I'm counting on the Active Shooter Drill generation's votes to push gun safety legislation and legislators all on their own, perhaps pulling their families along with them.  

But moving indolent voters toward the decisions I want them to make is more difficult.  Rep. Thomas Massie, (R-Ky) had one suggestion:
I’ve said we gotta figure out, we got to find some judge in Florida that’ll indict DeSantis quick, to close this indictment gap.

He claimed to be joking, but followed up with this: 

It’s a truism that anytime someone is being persecuted, their camp rallies to their defense.

Did I mention that the current political scene is lunacy right now? 


  1. Apparently "prosecuted" means "persecuted".
    It is crazy, for sure.

    1. And after this afternoon's indictment, who knows??

  2. I have compassion for the very wounded little boy that Trump carries around inside himself, but I cannot in any way figure out why so many people feel he is qualified to lead this (or any, really) nation. And surely the money that has been donated to his cause would be much better spent in other ways.


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