Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Reflections on a Late Afternoon, Outside

It's been more than 50 days since the high temperature was less than 100 degrees. It's been at least that long since I or anyone I know has spent any time outside once the sun has created the horizon. 

It's Tucson.  We have lots of sun and lots of horizon.  We are used to an outdoor lifestyle.  Everyone is just a little edgy.

This afternoon's brilliant sky above our house belied the dark clouds coming from the south.  

It was 95 degrees at four in the afternoon. The breeze was bringing me some of that lovely cloud moisture. I took my new secaturs and went outside. 

It's amazing what a little pruning can do.  Everything looks happier and healthier with just a little tlc. I do,  too. It's nice to be able to breathe some fresh air without frying. 

But then the thunder came. I must have missed the lightning, but the heavenly rumbles reminded me that standing alone outside while the clouds argued with one another was possibly a dangerous course to pursue. 

But I couldn't stay inside.  I just couldn't.  So, I poured prosecco and sat under the portico,  watching.  

I didn't try to photograph the lightning.  I tried to be present in the moment. It was a very nice moment,  with lots going on. 
There were miles long streaks of white - pulsating, horizontal, vertical, turning the semi- gloom bright. 

It was easy to see why the ancients saw the gods fighting. 

The last sunflower of the season and I enjoyed the show.  The rain we got wouldn't fill a soup spoon. 

But they tried, those clouds.  Sturm und drang. Much ado about nothing.  All hat and no cattle. 

I give them an A for effort and an A+ for dramatic appeal.

It was a lovely afternoon topped off with this, looking out my front door. 


  1. That heat is almost as confining as COVID. At least you have a beautiful vista.

  2. Long ago, I read a memoir, Home is the Desert, where the writer, Ann Woodin, if I remember right, where she said summer here is a time to change the pace, as winter is to the north. She lived out where Sabino area is and it sounded so wonderful. I'd already lived here (but couldn't afford there) from '65 -'66; so I did know what to expect when we finally bought our home here in '99- kids hardly knew anywhere else to vacation on the intervening years. I like especially to be here during the monsoon season but it's not always possible with the farm needs in Oregon.

    1. I love the summer heat, just not this much of it! I've always said to my northern friends that our January and February is June and July.

  3. I do miss a good Tucson thunderstorm.

  4. Lightning without rain can be a big problem here. that's how many of our wild fires start in the mountains.

  5. I forgot about the danger while I was admiring the show. :-(


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