Tuesday, August 8, 2023

A Short Rant

How is it possible for someone to believe that a person who is under indictment up and down the East coast should be the President of these United States?

I get the cognitive dissonance argument. 

But 7 indictments? 

I just don't get it.


  1. Indictment does not mean conviction. I don't know if you have served on a jury but it doesn't always go the way prosecution wants ( I have served and learned a lot). I know from listening to liberal/progressives that to mention what Hillary did or what Biden is being accused of doesn't matter. A lot of this is so partisan and unless someone reads both sides, they are clueless why voters might think as they do. Plus, nothing has happened yet for the election so all this is polls and speculation. It might not even be Biden or Trump come next election or primary.

  2. Is Rain saying that these indictments are partisan...there is no evidence? Has she seen evidence of what Biden is being accused of? What DID Hillary do? McCarthy admitted that their 'select committee' was to derail her. Rain's post is perfect for a meme that says, "Tell me you are voting for the con man, without telling me you are a MAGA."

  3. What I said was indictments don't mean guilt until it's proven. I know with Hillary the FBI said she was guilty but it was a misdemeanor. How do you interpret that? What she did was destroy a blackberry that had been subpoenaed. I think it's partisan on both sides, which is why I am no longer a democrat as of 2018 after being one my whole life and why I am not a Republican. I don't like either side. As for how I'll vote for next time, it depends on our choices. I've never donated to Trump nor given money though I did to Obama twice with all we could give. I was fooled by his talk and I vote on issues not personalities..

  4. Well, Rain has an interesting take of things, and I think she is totally wrong, but then people do have the right to be totally wrong. How else do you explain Trump?

  5. Comey said Clinton was extremely careless, but there was no misdemeanor. Very, very easy to verify.

    Clinton also did not destroy her emails AFTER receiving a subpoena; the con man simply perpetuates that lie, and those who hear it over and over again, tend to believe it.

    Washington Post, October 19, 2016
    "...Clinton’s staff had requested the emails to be deleted months before the subpoena, according to the FBI’s August 2016 report. Moreover, there’s no evidence Clinton deleted the emails in anticipation of the subpoena, and FBI director James B. Comey has said his agency’s investigation found no evidence that any work-related emails were “intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal them.”

    I'm not sure why money or Obama entered the conversation, but so be it! Have a good day!

  6. I think it matters because history matters, but I agree-- have a good day.

  7. I love this conversation. I'm just going to make random responses.

    Trump's supporters think he should be president again, despite the indictment or the possibility (small) that he might not be the nominee.

    Rain mentioned Obama and her donations to share her bona fides as a left leaning, farming human who was crushed when the economy sank and saw no help while others thrived. If I could search the comments I'd link them.

    Comey tanked HIlary's candidacy with his pre-election announcement so the confusion is not surprising. It was the most damning She's Cleared statement ever.

    Indictments don't mean conviction but so many people finding so many things to charge describes a pattern of behavior that ought to be disturbing.

    And, I saw the pictures of the documents where they weren't allowed to be. I keep wondering how Reality Winner doesn't explode from the unfairness.

    Have a good day!

  8. We left the democratic party unrelated to the economy. In 2018, we saw the direction it seemed to be going regarding cultural issues. We could not join the Republican party for the same reason. Moderates/independents have no party but we do vote based on issues (probably some on personalities). We just don't follow a partisan path and hence both parties dislike us.


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