Friday, August 25, 2023

OJ's Bronco

I felt no urge to watch helicopter footage of  OJ's Bronco and I have no great urge to watch the drone version of it playing on MSNBC right now.  Nicolle Wallace scolded her producer when the split screen showed Trump's motorcade on the way from Bedminster to the airport.... another reason I like her.  

A couple of hours later, rather than gawking, watching the lying liar emerge from his eponymous airplane feels like witnessing history.  I muted the talking heads, watching his motorcade take the exit to the Fulton County Jail.  

It's a short trip, and I'm hooked on the visuals.  

The route takes him through a residential neighborhood.  The cross streets are blocked by official vehicles. There's not an American flag nor a MAGA sign on any of the front lawns to cheer him up.   

What there is, at the very end, is pretty grim.  The low buildings on the left are for processing.  The tall towers, whose windows look out only to other windows, are the jail.  

Do you suppose he's even a little bit scared?

Trump now inside Fulton County Jail the chyron tells me.  

Trump released after being booked at Fulton County Jail.  

Blocked from view by the Sheriff's buses, the defendant walked under that portico for his mug shot.

There's something terribly sad about the whole thing.  


  1. I noticed that Trump was able to keep chin down so as to conceal the flabby neck Fox News has taken to tormenting him with.

  2. His mug shot is very similar to his official portrait in the National Portrait Gallery. He must think that looking mean and not smiling makes him look strong and competent. If he only knew that it doesn't.

  3. You can bet he spent hours the night before glaring into a mirror to get the face the he thinks makes him look tough. I've got news for him, it doesn't!

  4. That mug shot is a practiced pose. for sure. I understand that he is having tee shirts printed with his mug on them . Ugh!


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