Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Getting Our Money's Worth

AppleTV+ is an app I can access on my Smart TV.  

I know how to access the APPS icon.  After that, finding what I want is pretty simple point and click, although my choices could be a bit more visually impressive.  Am I where I want to be? is heard, not infrequently, by each of us.

But I digress.  My failure to intuit the many options for watching what is offered on so very many platforms is neither interesting nor curable.  TBG is still recovering from losing his ancient cable box and all its treasures.  It would be cruel to inject another change so quickly. 

I came to understand (I don't remember how) that AppleTV+ was offering a 7 day free trial, after which I'd be charged $6.99 each month.  I could cancel by clicking here.  Since we still had a Season and a half of For All Mankind to watch, free access was a no-brainer.

We binged three or four episodes at a time over a day or so.  We still had so many free days left; the notion made me smile and smiling made me think of Ted Lasso and watching with Little Cuter and SIR and Thomas the Wonder Dog, and with Queen T and Big Cuter and Honey Bunny just flesh and bones and safe and secure surrounded by people who loved her and a television program that left them with full hearts, too.

We are almost through Season 2, with Season 3 lying in wait.  Yes, lying in wait like a lioness stalking her prey.  I am easy pickings.  I'll go willingly.  

And it's free.


  1. Streaming is a jungle. We lost the smart hub on our now dumb TV so we got ROKU. We have AppleTV through our MLS soccer ticket package so we get it free for now. But if it isn't Netflix, which we have on our cable, it's a bother.

    1. It's just another sign to me that time is passing me by.


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