Monday, July 10, 2023

Say What????

 ‘Woke’ is defined as a gift to persons of different complicated matters that when transcribed into the local pedigree of those of a system that is not full of a computation of elements affecting the underlying commitment to bringing about that which is paramount within the psyche to conflagrate those into an aberration of ones self-realization to covet that which when realized is pointed out to be that which can be remitted in a near feeling of being ones’ own self which when projected will allow others to find their true wokeness.

David ben Avram


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


That is a letter to the editor printed in the Arizona Daily Star this morning.  I have no idea what it means.  
I've read it half a dozen times, including just now as I copied it into this post.  I read it aloud to TBG until he begged me to STOP because I don't understand a single word you are saying.
I sat next to him, watching the LPGA,  concentrating on the California coastline more than the athletes, and tried to make sense of any part of it.
It's hard to parse it, because it's all one sentence.  I flash back to college and R D Laing's Politics of Experience, whose first page includes gems such as this: 
"My experience of you" is just another form of words for "you-as-l-experience-you", and "your experience of me" equals "me-as-you-experience-me". Your experience of me is not inside you and my experience of you is not inside me, but your experience of me is invisible to me and my experience of you is invisible to you.

That actually does make sense, if you take your time with it, but as a freshman psych major all I could do was laugh.  

At least Laing used punctuation. 

I know that the Star has been trying to prove that it will publish letters from a wide variety of viewpoints.  I hope that the rambling-without-making-much-sense subgroup is mollified.  I, for one, am appalled that this is the fate of local journalism.


  1. No kidding--ugh!!! Let's hope this isn't a new trend in newspapers to prove they are NOT woke.

  2. In the end I can't determine if the writer is woke or not. Maybe he just put us all to sleep.

    1. Me either.... nor was Little Cuter on the phone this morning. It was mind numbing, wasn't it.

  3. More periods would NOT have helped that letter!


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